We design and produce handmade jewelry, accessories and decoration elements from non-noble materials: reclaimed wood, glass epoxy resin and small natural elements collected in a conscious and respectful way towards our environment.

As you can see, each SOTABOSC piece is unique. We do not use standardized molds (we would not know how to do that). The design and production process is slow, beautiful and totally handmade, using a minimum mechanization level. We love this way of doing / behave. Thus, the same way in nature there will never be two identical landscapes, there will never be two equal SOTABOSC pieces.

From here, we invite you to have a look at our online shop and gallery, where you will see what we do. We also customize different pieces, so in case you have any idea or suggestion, just let us know and we will try to carry it out following the “slow” way of doing that characterize us.